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[PHCN] Crew » New Jabber Certificate
[PHCN] Crew

New Jabber Certificate
03.02.2016 • 00:57 [PHCN]

We have renewed our Jabber certificate with our own CA.
You have to trust the new cert, if you connect to our Jabber Server.

If you have problems, have a look here: https://board.phcn.net/index.php?topic=123.0

If you want an account, use the Jabber Account Web Registration

Source: Jabber Account Web Registration, https://board.phcn.net/index.php?topic=123.0
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[PHCN] Crew » FreeUnix offline
[PHCN] Crew

FreeUnix offline
01.03.2014 • 01:21 [PHCN]

On March 23. in 2008 we launched FreeUnix - a free webhosting project. And that is "free" as in beer! No surprise we got several thousand submissions asking for a piece of that cake. At the time of shutdown we had 924 more or less active users, we deleted inactive ones about once a year. We answered a few support requests per month, helping people install some CMS, remove malware infestations or even fix custom PHP scripts. There was some abuse, too. We had a small amount of copyright claims and some smart ass script kiddies tried to use us as elite battlestation to fight cyberwars from - yeah, right. Every odd month someone tried to send spam from our mailserver, too. Thanks to our great head admin and the support team none of those threats lasted for more than a few hours and no real harm was done.
In October 2013 we had to make a decision we always tried to avert: to shut the service down. There was too much time going into it and we would have had to invest even more to fix some issues with incompatible software versions and we simply don't have that time anymore. We tried to inform everyone ahead of time, but probably some of you are reading this text because the creator of the website you actually wanted to see ignored our warnings.

It was a fun ride and some day we almost certainly will launch another project featuring a great, public, and free service - but one that needs less support.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed the FreeUnix webhosting project and have a great day.
The FreeUnix team.
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[PHCN] Crew » Public Board
[PHCN] Crew

Public Board
02.10.2013 • 11:26 [PHCN]

We have started a new project "Activity" grosses Lachen

Join us! Discuss with us! Be a part of us!

Source: https://board.phcn.net/
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[PHCN] Crew » [PHCN] Open Trance Session 22 released
[PHCN] Crew

[PHCN] Open Trance Session 22 released
08.03.2009 • 00:14 [PHCN]DarthShredder

After a successfully Open Trance Session last night, you can download the new Open Trance Session 22.

Open Trance Session 22 without moderation (MP3) ~ 390MB.

Open Trance Session 22 with moderation and funny effects (OGG) ~ 138MB.

Some of the best tracks from the session can you find here: OTS22 Mixes

Open Source, Open Trance, Open Minds

Creative Commons License
Open Trance Session by [PHCN] is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany License.

Source: http://music.phcn.ws/
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[PHCN] Crew » [PHCN] FreeUnix Webhosting Project
[PHCN] Crew

[PHCN] FreeUnix Webhosting Project
23.03.2008 • 16:52 [PHCN]

[PHCN] "FreeUnix Webhosting" Project.

That means you have the possibility to host your own Websites, Forums, Blogs etc. @ [PHCN].

We offer:
- Apache 1.3.*
- mod_secure (detects&blocks most xss/sql injections)
- PHP5.*
- MYSQL 5.* (access with phpmyadmin and php scripts)
- 1024MB of Webspace
- Free Email (Spamassassin with custom rules support - ClamAV)
- Free Subdomain (yourname.freeunix.net)
- FTP Access (TLS support)
- No Ads or other crap (thats what WE call free!)
- Free support (contact us by email, jabber or in the forum)
- 100Mbit Connection @ 72Gbit Backbone in Germany,Nuremburg

Are you interested? Register now! It's complete free!


Source: http://www.freeunix.net/
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[PHCN] Crew » [PHCN] Open Trance Session 21 - released "8 Years [PHCN]"
[PHCN] Crew

[PHCN] Open Trance Session 21 - released "8 Years [PHCN]"
29.12.2007 • 17:11 [PHCN]DarthShredder

The new Open Trance Session 21 is ready for download.

Specials in this Session: DarthShredder's new era of livemixing known as "Trancecut", "ScreenSong" and "LoneMix".

[PHCN] - Open Trance Session 21 - Download (80 MB)

Open Source, Open Trance, Open Minds

Source: [PHCN] Music Index, [PHCN] Icecast Radio Server
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