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Anonymous FTP Server Project canceled
[PHCN] Crew15.04.2006 20:49 - For some weeks we had a FTP server with anonymous access on phcn.ws running. This anonymous access is now disabled. It was a little project, to see how many idiots find our FTP Server with anonymous access and want to upload something on it. Th...
Chrooting Unix Services
[PHCN] Security16.04.2004 09:08 - The below linked documentation is a UNIX chrooting guide for Solaris and Linux. The guide describe HOWTO jail Apache, Tomcat and MySQL and offers template chrooting scripts. Introduction: This guide introduces appropriate steps when chrooting a...
FreeUnix offline
[PHCN] Crew01.03.2014 01:21 - On March 23. in 2008 we launched FreeUnix - a free webhosting project. And that is "free" as in beer! No surprise we got several thousand submissions asking for a piece of that cake. At the time of shutdown we had 924 more or less active users, we de...
KDE 3.5 (almost) finished
[PHCN] Linux News25.11.2005 00:34 - KDE 3.5 is actually already finished, but nowhere available yet. The release date was set for the 23rd of November. Binary Pakets will be temporary only available for Suse and Kubuntu. As soon it is available it can be downloaded from these si...
Microsoft "Fight Spyware" Information Center
[PHCN] Mircosoft20.10.2004 21:03 - Microsoft launched a spyware awareness center with information on spyware. The main target is home end users, and can be also useful to increase awareness in corporate environment. Spyware is software that collects personal information without you...
Microsoft Unix (Xenix) Beta still this year
[PHCN] Mircosoft01.04.2006 00:01 - This is the year… the year that Microsoft releases the newest version of Windows and loudly new rumours the first beta version of Microsoft Unix. We are targeting to make Microsoft Unix generally available in the end of this year, and the exact de...
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