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[PHCN] Free Membership
17.12.2005 • 19:55 [PHCN]

We are a group that having fun in programming, administrating servers and other things one can do with computers. We also love discussions, learning, meeting interesting people etc...

Our Crew Requirements:
- Linux and/or Windows server knowledge
- Some english knowledge
- Basic knowledge in programming languages
- A little time for [PHCN]
- Respect for the [PHCN] codex

You need following software in order to use [PHCN] services:
- SSH2 client
- OpenVPN client
- Email/NNTP client
- Jabber client

Registrations to signup@phcn.ws.

How to register?
Simply write an email to signup@phcn.ws with some information about you. We prefer infos like a small story about you (what do you do? what can you do for us?), your knowledge, why do you want to join us etc.

[PHCN] is completely internal. Which means that [PHCN] won't put any information about their members on any homepage.
All [PHCN] projects stay internal and [PHCN] will not help the public with their technical problems.
[PHCN] takes no responsibility for the actions of their members.

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