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[PHCN] FreeUnix Webhosting Project
23.03.2008 • 16:52 [PHCN]

[PHCN] "FreeUnix Webhosting" Project.

That means you have the possibility to host your own Websites, Forums, Blogs etc. @ [PHCN].

We offer:
- Apache 1.3.*
- mod_secure (detects&blocks most xss/sql injections)
- PHP5.*
- MYSQL 5.* (access with phpmyadmin and php scripts)
- 1024MB of Webspace
- Free Email (Spamassassin with custom rules support - ClamAV)
- Free Subdomain (yourname.freeunix.net)
- FTP Access (TLS support)
- No Ads or other crap (thats what WE call free!)
- Free support (contact us by email, jabber or in the forum)
- 100Mbit Connection @ 72Gbit Backbone in Germany,Nuremburg

Are you interested? Register now! It's complete free!


Source: http://www.freeunix.net/
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