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[PHCN] Certificated Project started - [PHCN]´s first Public Project since 2003
22.08.2007 • 13:33 [PHCN]

What is that?
[PHCN] Certificated is the answer to all security relevant problems of internet servers.
It is a simple security scan, of all services that you want to get scanned by [PHCN]. We will check those services for all (at the moment) known security issues. Members of [PHCN] will also try to hack services of your server with all known official and unofficial methods. If nothing works and we can not break in, your server is secure enough to withstand most hacking attempts, that means you get your [PHCN] certificated logo.
If your server is not safe enough, we will help you to fix the problems.

How does it work?
Simply write an email to with your domain and the services you want checked. We will answer you by email and include an IP-Address and some infos, so you know what to expect in your logfiles.

What about White and Black Scan?
On a white scan we check only one or two services on your server. For example just HTTP and FTP. If those are secure, you get a white certificated logo.
Black scan means, we check three or more services on your server. For example SSH, FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP etc. If all those are secure, you receive a black certificated logo.

Is it legal?
Yes it is! If you give us the order to check your server for security, then it is completely legal. We will tell you from which IP address we will scan your server, so you can check what we did in your logfiles.

Does it cost anything?
[PHCN] Certificated is totaly free. So why not simply try out?
It would not harm
So just register yourself with mail at .

Where can i find the list with certificated servers?
List of certificated Websites and Servers

Source: List of certificated Websites and Servers, What is [PHCN] Certificated?,
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