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KDE 3.5 (almost) finished
25.11.2005 • 00:34 [PHCN]Fisch

KDE 3.5 is actually already finished, but nowhere available yet.
The release date was set for the 23rd of November.

Binary Pakets will be temporary only available for Suse and Kubuntu.

As soon it is available it can be downloaded from these sites:

"Klax" KDE 3.5 RC 1 Live-CD with the new KDE version can be downloaded here:

The new Features that will be integrated in KDE 3.5 are listed here:
- extended tooltips
- 3 different styles for the Taskbar
- easier to add applets
- a selection of choices when a disc or usb disc is inserted
- a popup-blocker in konqueror
- an enhanced search plugin for konqueror
- the file manager and the webbrowser are better seperated
- 2 new included programs (KGeography and blinKen)
- a video conference feature for Kopete
- a better importfilter for KMail

Source: http://www.golem.de/0511/41589.html
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